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Activities of the Balkan Association

Balkan Association of pedagogical, teacher-training and related faculties held a scientific conference on the theme Multiculturalism of education in the Balkans. Ten administrators took part in the conference who, from the point of view of education in their countries ( Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnian Federation - Eastern Sarajevo and Mostar, Albania - Gyrocastry, Jedrene) pointed out some special characteristics of educational systems. The need for establishing the relationship among the countries of the Association and other countries was emphasized which could be realized through the exchange of knowledge, professors, students and other cultural and social values of the Balkan countries. Program Board was established which will prepare a collection of scientific papers and the Reviewer Comiteee which will evaluate the reports of the participants according to the standards of moderm science. Papers will be published in participants` native languages, as well as abstract and key words, and abstract and key words in English. The deadline for submitting papers is July 10th, 2009.


Basic Informations About Teacher-Training Faculty In Vranje

Vranje is the biggest and the most famous town in the utmost south of Serbia. It is economical, political and cultural center of the Pcinja County with the long tradition of training and education of teachers. In 1946, Teachers` school started its work in Vranje. Then, there was a five-year Teachers` school (1954 - 1972) and pedagogical academy "Ivo Andric" (1972 - 1994). On October 1, 1993, Teacher-training faculty was founded in Vranje.

Teacher-training faculty in Vranje is a teaching and scientific institution of higher education as a part of the University in Nis. Within its basic activity, the faculty is engaged in publishing books, textbooks, handbook manuals, monographs and other publications.

Beside elementary studies, there are also postgraduate doctoral studies and other forms of advanced training in the area of social sciences. Elementary studies instruction is organized on two levels: elementary school teachers and nursery school teachers. Doctoral studies instruction lasts for three years according to Bologna process and is organized on the following departments:

1. Methodology of Serbian language and literature instruction,
2. Methodology of mathematics instruction,
3. Methodology of society and nature study instruction and
4. Methodology of physical education instruction.

Organization and activities of the Faculty are arranged by the Law of higher education, the Statute and general acts. The Faculty organizes and performs teaching and scientific activities as well as administrative-technical affairs. Teaching and scientific work is performed by teachers and associates of the Faculty elected according to the Law of higher education. Administrative-technical affairs are done by expert workers who make Secretariat of the Faculty.

Dean directs work of the Faculty. There are three vice deans who take care of teaching, scientific-research activity and international cooperation. Business office of the faculty is the Council. Social and cultural activities of the students take place within the organization of the Students` union, which has its representatives in the Students` parliament.Activities of the Balkan Association